Below we provide a list of key contacts (also see Team Structure, Leadership Team and Faculty and Staff). Students seeking admission into CBiRC’s Graduate Program should explore their options with each Graduate School affiliated with the Center.


For inquiries about the Research Program or other technical issues:

Brent Shanks, PhD
Center Director
515 294-1895
Basil Nikolau, PhD
Deputy Director
515 294-9423

For inquiries about the Education Program:

Adah Leshem
Pre-College Education Program Director
515 294-8453
D. Raj Raman
University Education Program Director
515 294-0465
Abhaya Datye
International Education Program Director
505 277-0477

For inquiries about the Industrial Collaboration and Innovation Program:

Peter Keeling
Innovation Director
515 294-4093

For inquiries about the Diversity Program:

Krishna Athreya
Diversity Director
515 294-3284

For inquiries about center operations:

Tonia McCarley
Administrative Director