Founded in 2008 with more than $44M in federal, industry, and Iowa State University funding, CBiRC works in tandem with Iowa and the nation’s growing biosciences sector. Over the past 14 years, CBiRC has focused on developing the knowledge needed to transform carbohydrate feedstocks, so abundant in Iowa and the Midwest, into biobased chemicals as direct replacements for petrochemicals.

Looking forward, CBiRC is taking on the ambitious goal of identifying viable routes to go beyond the now mature petrochemical industry by developing innovative biomass-enabled chemicals that provide access to new products that will address new and emerging market needs—e.g., next-generation pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, and consumer goods. If successful, the center envisions a future where Iowa State University and the State of Iowa become global leaders in developing these new organic molecules, particularly those that impart improved performance in end-use products.