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What We Do

What are biobased chemicals?

Biobased chemicals are carbon-based molecules sourced directly from living organisms or from their derivatives. Biomass is a particularly important source given its overall abundance. CBiRC focuses on using biomass to create biobased products that are healthier, sustainable, and more effective alternatives to petrochemical products.

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A promising future

Economic potential

The range of molecules that can be accessed through biomass utilization is extensive, so novel biobased chemicals can be developed that impart improved performance properties in end-use applications. These biobased chemicals can be used to create next-generation products in diverse markets, including materials, consumer goods, nutraceuticals, agricultural chemicals, therapeutics, specialty chemicals, polymers, etc.

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Environmentally friendly products

Creating sustainable products can only be achieved when the raw materials for their production are generated at a rate comparable to their usage. Utilizing biomass rather than fossil carbon synchronizes the timing of carbon generation and use.

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Groundbreaking science

Biotechnology is a rapidly advancing scientific field. CBiRC works to harness those advancements to create biobased chemicals that enhance societal quality of life by improving health care delivery, food preservation and distribution, transportation efficiency, and minimizing environmental impact, among other things.

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