Bioproduct Markets

Transforming the chemical industry to build a more sustainable future is a huge technical, economic and business challenge. Bioproduct opportunities range enormously in terms of market sectors which in turn range enormously in volume and value. Existing chemical products range from:

  • Polymers, Resins, Additives, Catalysts, Adhesives and Sealants,
  • Paints, Coatings, and Resins, Polymer Additives,
  • Lubricants, Surfactants and Cleaning Agents,
  • Agrochemicals, Construction Chemicals, Corrosion Control Chemicals,
  • Cosmetics Raw Materials, Electronic Chemicals and Materials,
  • Flavorings, Fragrances, Food additives,
  • Specialty and Industrial Chemicals, Specialty and Industrial Gases,
  • Packaging, Bottles, and Containers,¬† Inks, Dyes and Printing Supplies,
  • Specialty and Life Sciences Chemicals, Health Care and Pharmaceuticals.


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