NSF Engineering Research Centers (ERC) Program

CBiRC is a National Science Foundation (NSF) Generation Three (Gen-3) Engineering Research Center. The Engineering Research Centers (ERCs) promote partnerships among researchers in different disciplines and between industry and universities. They focus on integrated engineered systems and produce technological innovations that strengthen the competitive position of industry. Their graduates are well-rounded, professionally oriented engineers with a global outlook, experience in technological innovation, and the ability to assume leadership roles in industry, academe, and government.

The goal of the Gen-3 ERC Program, in particular, is to create a culture of innovation in engineering research and education that links scientific discovery to technological innovation through transformational-engineered systems research and education to advance technology and produce engineering graduates who will be creative innovators in a global economy. Because ERCs play critical roles in academe by integrating research, education, diversity, outreach, and industrial collaboration/innovation, NSF views ERCs as change agents for academic engineering programs and the engineering community at large.

The ERC Achievements Showcase is a listing of research advances, achievements in education and outreach, and technology transfer achievements for all centers, organized by technology grouping.  Since the first Engineering Research Centers were founded in 1985, these pioneering organizations have pushed the boundaries of knowledge across a broad spectrum of technology fields while transferring a continuous stream of cutting-edge technologies to their industrial partners. In the process, ERCs have revolutionized engineering education and produced a new generation of graduates who are adept at innovation.

Current ERCs

Each new class of ERCs is selected based on perceived future national needs. Over time, the centers become clustered into groups with some broadly defined by common goals. The current “technology clusters” are shown below:NSF_ERCs_2014