CBiRC Site Visits

As a requirement of award, the National Science Foundation (NSF) carries out annual site visits of all Engineering Research Centers (ERC) to review their performance and provide advice. The level of continued support is negotiated annually thereafter and depends upon a review of progress through the annual site review or other means, the performance metrics, the industrial level of support, the Program Officer’s assessment of progress, and the availability of funds for the program.

Renewal site visits are carried out in years three and six. These special reviews allow the NSF to determine whether to continue to support full ERC operations or provide decreased funding to phase out support in future years. If the NSF decides to continue full ERC operations, a new level of funding support is negotiated, and the cooperative agreement is extended accordingly.

Each ERC’s site visit is scheduled five weeks after the due date of its annual report. In the case of CBiRC, this means the annual site visit will take place the second week of May each year.

CBiRC’s members should mark their calendars!

4th Annual Site Visit
May 7–9, 2012
Ames, Iowa

More information will be posted on the CBiRC intranet in mid- to late March. Please stay tuned.