Jobs & Internships

CBiRC is striving to build a valuable Internships and Job Placements program for CBiRC students and postdocs as well as associated students and postdocs.
  • INDUSTRY MEMBERS:  If you are an Industry Member interested in connecting with specific CBiRC students please contact Peter Keeling and review information posted on the Students page.

  • CBiRC STUDENTS: If you are a CBiRC student interested in connecting with specific CBiRC member companies please contact Peter Keeling and review the opportunities available on the Member Company Links (see table below).

  • INDUSTRY JOB POSTINGS: Specific industry job postings are also placed on our Job Postings from Industry Page.


LINKS to CBiRC Industry Web Sites for Jobs and Internships:




Allylix Careers Developing terpene products and derivatives for renewable chemical markets.
Ashland Company Providing specialty chemicals, technologies & insights to over 100 countries.
BASF Careers A leading supplier of environmental and process catalysts.
Cargill Careers Global provider of food, agriculture, financial & industrial products & services.
Chevron Phillips Careers Producer & supplier of aromatics, a-olefins, styrenics, specialties, plastics.
Conagen Careers High value compounds for food, nutrition, pharmaceutical & industrial applicns.
Cultivation Corridor Resources Leading the way in the production and security of our food, feed, fiber and fuel.
DuPont (Danisco/Genencor) Careers Leader in food ingredients, enzymes and bio-based solutions.
DSM Careers Global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials.
Elevance Careers Leader in transforming renewable oils into specialty products & materials.
Endicott Biofuels Careers Development company producing biodiesel and other renewable fuels.
Evonik Careers A leading specialty chemicals company.
Frontline Bioenergy Company Innovative gasification solutions for renewable energy, fuels & products.
Genomatica Careers Developing new manufacturing processes for biorenewable chemicals.
Glucan Biorenewables Company Developing new processes for biorenewable furfural-based technologies.
Glycos Biotechnologies Contacts Making high-value chemical products from a range of bio-based feedstocks.
Grain Processing Corp Careers Providing food, pharmaceutical & industrial grade products.
Internat Flavors Fragrances Careers Creating unique scent and taste experiences people love.
Jowat Careers Creating a large selection of specialized adhesives .
Lesaffre Careers Leader in the baking yeast and yeast extracts market.
MBI Careers Bridging the gap between early-stage innovation and commercial application.
Michelin Careers Leading manufacturer for virtually every category of the tire market.
National Corn Growers Careers Creating and increasing opportunities for corn growers.
NCAUR/ARS Careers Inventing new industrial and food products from agricultural commodities.
Nidus Partners Careers Partnering in innovative technologies broadly impacting the energy markets.
Novozymes Careers Enzymes and other industrial biotechnology solutions.
OmegaChea Company Using microbial engineering to transform chemical industry
OPX Biotechnologies Careers Manufacturing renewable bio-based chemicals and fuels.
Pareto Company Pioneering naturally derived, high value “designer molecules.”
POET Careers Leading ethanol producer.
Renewable Energy Group Careers Leading advanced biofuels producer and developer of renewable chemicals.
River Glen Capital Company Providing early-stage venture capital in Iowa and the Upper Midwest.
Saint-Gobain Company The world’s largest building materials company.
Solazyme Careers Harnessing the prolific oil-producing ability of microalgae.
South Dakota Innov Partners Company Engaging with leaders in Agriculture, Life Sciences, and Engineering.
Sustainable Bioproducts Company Technology for utilization in the biofuels and bioremediation markets.
SusTerea Company Sustainable bio-based aromatics.
The BioBusiness Alliance MN Company Nonprofit organization cultivating the viability of the state’s bioscience sector.
Technology Holding Company The creation and commercialization of environmentally friendly technologies.
Toray Industries Company An integrated chemical industry group.
VariFAS Company Developing various fatty acids and derivatives.