Industry Program Goals

Through its Industrial Collaboration and Innovation Program the center aims to develop long-term relationships with its Industry Members and Innovation Partners. Taking part in the industry program requires joining the center through industry membership. The Industrial Collaboration and Innovation Program comes together to form an “open innovation ecosystem” that creates a network of parties driving the early stage development of science and technology towards commercialization.

CBiRC Innovation EcosystemThe overall goals of the Industrial Collaboration and Innovation Program include: (i) recruiting and retaining industrial entities as members in the Center, (ii) developing a more innovative culture in the Center by nurturing entrepreneurship and fostering a portfolio of patents in biorenewable chemicals, (iii) enabling an effective flow of information from the center into our industrial member companies, (iv) fostering a technology transfer platform for CBiRC inventions to the commercial sector, (v) providing valuable information to the innovation partners to enable them to consider funding startup companies in the area of biorenewable chemicals, and (vi) supporting and steering the CBiRC management team in ways that enhance the education and research programs.

 Industry Roles

CBiRC IndustryMemberRoles