Industry Value Chain

Industry members span the value-chain including chemical, biotechnological, energy, and agricultural companies, and other ventures that seek to leverage a broad network of highly respected expertise in biorenewable chemicals.

CBiRC ValueChain

Industrial partners come from key sectors focused on moving biorenewable chemical technology forward. These sectors include feedstock processors, technoogy development companies, integrated bio/chemical companies, chemical companies, chemical catalyst providers, biocatalyst providers, process licensors and end-users. CBiRC initially will form its industrial partnership with the firms committed to founding and developing the center and will expand the membership to include more firms in each of these sectors. The industrial collaboration and innovation program will help move technology forward into the commercial realm and provide internship opportunities for CBiRC students. The members will be engaged in the research, development strategy, education, and technology transfer/innovation efforts of the ERC through the Industrial Advisory Board.