Benefits of Industry Membership

Program Membership Benefits (also see BROCHURE) INDUSTRY MEMBERS
Strategic Full Sponsor
Sponsor: Members may individually sponsor dedicated research projects with CBiRC faculty members and jointly submit proposals to federal agencies. These projects require an individualized sponsoring agreement with CBiRC. Green Circle
Options: Full and Sponsoring members receive priority notification of CBiRC inventions and have a first option to negotiate a royalty-bearing commercial license for such technology.
Research: All members receive CBiRC’s quarterly newsletters and gain early access to recent, not-yet-published research findings. All members have a royalty-free license for internal, noncommercial purposes. This provides an opportunity to assess new technologies developed in the center. Lime Circle Cyan Circle Green Circle
Network: All members participate in scientific exchange at CBiRC’s semi-annual meetings and are encouraged to suggest research directions and initiatives. These meetings also provide an opportunity to network with faculty, students, and other partnering biorenewable chemical companies as well as innovation venture capital partners.
Advisory Board: All members have exclusive membership rights to be a part of CBiRC’s Industry Advisory Board. Members recommend testbed design and target compounds and intermediates. Lime Circle Cyan Circle Green Circle
Internships: CBiRC has a significant mandate to educate new engineers in the multidisciplinary programs. All members have access to a talented pool of potential interns. CBiRC welcomes industry engineers and scientists as visiting scholars.
Recruit: All members have the inside track to hire CBiRC’s graduates into exciting new biorenewable opportunities in their organizations. Lime Circle Cyan Circle Green Circle
Promote: All members will be listed on CBiRC’s web site. Branding opportunities exist for members to promote their organization within CBiRC, Iowa State University, and the outside world. These include but are not limited to postdoctoral fellowships, seminars, and conferences.
Strategic: Members may develop a broad strategic partnership with any CBiRC partnering university that is unique in scope and design, tailored to specific industry strategic interests. Lime Circle Cyan Circle Green Circle
Annual Membership Fee INDUSTRY MEMBERS
Strategic Full Sponsor
Large (a company with at least 500 employees) $25,000 $50,000 **
Medium (a company with less than 500 and more than 60 employees) $12,500 $25,000 **
Small (a company that has less than 61 employees and more than 10) $2,500 $5,000 **
Start-up (a company that has not completed an IPO and has less than 11 employees) $500 $1,000 **


**  To be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.