Industry Members

To deliver on its goal of nurturing the development of the nascent bio-based chemicals industry, CBiRC is developing valuable long-term relationships with its expanding group of industry members including large- and medium-scale established companies as well as start-ups and small businesses. Through CBiRC’s Innovation and Industry Collaboration program, these member companies leverage a unique access to innovative research and network of highly respected expertise from academia and industry. CBiRC’s industry members come from all key sectors across the value chain focused on moving biorenewable chemical technology towards commercialization. CBiRC’s members include bio-based chemical and biofuels companies, petrochemical producers, agricultural product processors, chemical catalyst providers, biocatalyst providers, process licensors and end-users.

CBiRC Members


Supporting Members

InCBiRC Sponsoring Members addition to it’s core funding from NSF and Industry Members, CBiRC is also supported by Supporting Members that include:

  • State of Iowa (includes funding from GIVF, POCI, RIF)
  • ISU College of Engineering
  • ISU Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS)