University Program

Brent Shanks teaching Chemical Catalysis

CBiRC provides course materials to facilitate the development of new interdisciplinary graduate minors and certificates in biorenewable chemicals at all partner institutions. Core courses are offered via distance education and cross institutional borders between partners. At Iowa State, the interdepartmental biorenewable chemicals minor resides within the Graduate College and is affiliated with the NSF Engineering Research Center for Biorenewable Chemicals (CBiRC).
The core course in the biorenewable chemicals minor covers both biological and chemical catalysis and is the primary vehicle for ensuring that CBiRC graduate students are trained in both types of catalysis. This course is taught by faculty from several CBiRC partners and is available to students at all CBiRC partners via distance education. In addition, students are invited to attend an annual meeting of CBiRC where students in each thrust area will present posters and learn about each other’s research findings, thereby gaining a better appreciation for both chemical and biological catalysis of biorenewables.
The ERC provides innovation and entrepreneurship training experiences through collaboration with the Pappajohn Entrepreneurship Center, venture capital firms, and translational research experience with small start-up firms.