Can I be considered for the RET program if I have conflicts with the schedule? 

Please contact to see if arrangements can be made. It is possible to participate in the RET program if you have conflicts. Typically, one day of “emergency leave” is granted to each participant, and then time missed is deducted from the stipend.

I don’t see a research project that fits my interests, can I request a different project? 

Yes! Please be specific on your application about the type of experience that would benefit you and your classroom. We have faculty collaborators from all across campus that can help us offer a variety of experiences for teachers.

Tell me more about the money – How will I be compensated? When should I expect my payment?

Stipends and travel reimbursements are paid to participants via check. Checks will be mailed to participants 10-15 business days after the experience is concluded.

Do I have to be from Iowa to participate in this program? 

No, we accept participants from across the US.

On-campus housing –  What are the housing arrangements? Who will I stay with?

On-campus apartments will be offered to those commuting over 60 minutes from Ames, Iowa. Apartments are feature common living spaces with private bedrooms with a twin bed.