RET Curriculum Materials

The materials below were developed by teachers and professional educators associated with the Research Experience for Teachers program with input from scientists and engineers.

RET Curriculum Materials developed by 2016 participants

RET AudienceArea
Life's Maize9th-12th GradeN/A
Terriying Teratomas9th-12th GradeN/A
Green, Yell-ow, Red9th-12th GradeN/A
The Future of the World with Plant Based Polymers9th-12th GradeN/A
Killing Cancer, Not People 10th GradeN/A
Basking in the Glow9th-12th GradeN/A
Fuel me up, buttercup9th GradeN/A
There's More to Juice than Meets the Eye9th-12th GradeN/A
Rise of the Robot9th-12th GradeN/A
Rates of Reaction Lab9th-12th GradeN/A
What Variables Influence the Probability of a Bat Roosting in a Bridge9th-12th GradeN/A
GMO or GM"NO"9th-12th GradeN/A
Snakes on the Plain! AND IN THE CITY!9th-12th GradeN/A
Jumping Genes9th-12th GradeN/A
Gap Time 9th-12th GradeN/A
Whatever Floats Your Boat9th-12th GradeN/A
Can Paper Save the World9th-12th GradeN/A
Biodiesel9th-12th GradeN/A
Signals from 500 million years BC9th-12th GradeN/A
iPath: A Path to Food Security9th-12th GradeN/A
Can I power my cell phone with fruit juice?9th-12th GradeN/A
What is killing the soybeans?10th GradeN/A

RET Curriculum Materials developed by 2015 participants

RET AudienceArea
Solving the Maize9th-12th GradeBiology
Insanely Important Irritating Insects9th-12th GradeBiology/Ecology
This Does What?!?9th-12th GradeBiology
Robot Games10th-12th GradeCoding/Computer Programming
Stimulation Stimulation9th-12th GradePhysics/AP Physics
This is Corny!6th-12th GradeLife Science/Biology
Forests, Fires, & Leaves, Oh My!9th-12th GradeEarth Science/Environmental Science
Quantum Dots in Solar Cell9th-12th GradeChemistry/Environmental Science/Science and Sustainability
Following the energy flow in an internal combustion engine9th-12th GradeIndustrial Technology/PLTW/Vocational Agriculture
Fixing the Tile6th-12th GradeGeneral Science/Earth Science/Environmental Science/Agricultural Science
Shooting Lasers at Polymers11th-12th GradeOrganic Chemistry/Chemistry/Physics
Plants get sick, too!9th-12th GradeBiology/Horticulture/Agriculture Science
Finding the Next Wonder Drug10th-12th GradeChemistry
Say Cheese!10th-12th GradeBiotechnology/Biology/AP Biology
AR-Assisted Learning11th-12th GradePhysics
Science Is As Science Does10th-12th GradeBiology/Advanced Biology
Roaring Fire on the Prairie9th-12th GradeBiology/Physics/Environmental Science
Lego®-Based Design9th-12th GradeEngineering Design
Soybeans Really can get Sick9th-12th GradeAgriculture/Biology
Hot Crossed "Many-mers"...10th-12th GradeChemistry
Say Cheese!11th-12th GradeChemistry/Physical Science/Biology
Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow9th-12th GradeEarth Science
Of Soils and Cycles10th-12th GradeEcology/Environmental Studies/
Agricultural Sciences
2 Fast 2 Furious9th-12th GradeTechnology Education/Engineering
iTAG Barley10th-12th GradeBiology
From Plants to Pants & Power9th-11th GradeBiology/Chemistry
PYROLYSIS of Bio-Mass10th-12th GradePrinciples of Engineering/Chemistry/Physics/Agricultural Science
Watt is research anyway?10th-12th Grade High School Science

RET Curriculum Materials developed by 2014 participants

RET AudienceArea
Biorenewables: Are they Worth the Investment?11th/12th gradeGeneral Science, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Biotechnology
Not A Drop to Drink9th grade, general audienceGeneral Science, Environmental Science, Earth Science, Chemistry
Energize Me!N/AN/A
Help Yourself to a Healthy HeartN/AN/A
School Lunches are the Best9th-12th gradeGeneral Science, Chemistry
Sold! The Car Purchasing Dilemma9th-12th grade, general audienceGeneral Science, Environmental Science, Auto & Small Engines
The Label Debate9th grade, general audienceGeneral Science, Environmental Science, Biology, Biotechnology
The Mystery of the Deadly BreadN/AN/A
What's the Stink?9th-12th grade, general audienceGeneral Science, Environmental Science, Biology
Are Highly Caffeinated Beverages Dangerous?9th-12th grade, general audienceGeneral Science, Biology, Chemistry
Designer Babies9th-11th gradeBiology, Chemistry
Energy Crisis!N/AN/A
The Million Dollar Mystery10th gradeBiology
Transgenic Fungus-Resistant Barley10th-12th gradeEnvironmental Science, Biology, Biotechnology
Transgenic vs Fungicide Seed Treatment11th/12th gradeEnvironmental Science,Biotechnology

RET Curriculum Materials developed by 2013 participants

2013 RETAudienceArea
Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?9th, 10th General Science, Environmental Science, Biology
Genetically Modified Organisms in Our Food9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, general audienceGeneral Science, Biology, Biotechnology
Ban Glyphosate Products Or Not? 11th, General Audience, Advanced AudienceGeneral Science, Biology
One Fish, Two Fish…How Would You Choose Fish?11th, 12th, general audienceBiotechnology, Enviromental Science
Bee Population Decline10th Biology
Shelbyville gets a Nuclear Power Plant10th, 11th, 12th General Science, Earth Science, Physics/Phys Sci, Environmental Science, Chemistry
Sophia Carlson v. Dilly Dally DiverGeneral audienceChemistry
Should Cell Phones be Banned?General audienceGeneral Science
What’s Making Trevor Sick?9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, general audience, advanced audienceEnvironmenal Science, Biology, Biotechnology