Startup Entities

CBiRC has begun to build a portfolio of early-stage startup entities. Each of these innovative startups is based on new technologies and knowhow emerging from the center. Here we highlight the startup entities involved and provide links.


Innovative Startups Emerging with CBiRC.

 Company Description

Primary Contact

Glucan Biorenewables is focused on producing furan derivatives from biomass with cost and performance advantages.   Larry Clarke
OmegaChea Biorenewables uses microbial metabolic engineering to produce novel bi-functional molecules for synthesizing the next-generation lubricants, surfactants (cleaning agents), cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.  Shivani Garg
Pareto Biotechnologies has pioneered development of a revolutionary biotechnology platform that produces naturally derived, high value “designer molecules.”  Jamie Bacher
Pure Oleochemicals provides companies with the ability to produce highly pure fatty acids at significantly reduced prices  Ned Bowden
SusTerea Biorenewables is selectively targeting an array of functionalized aromatic systems that span specialty and commodity chemicals.  George Kraus
WebChemi is building two products: (i) WebChemi Lab Manager includes Laboratory Inventory Management and Analytics, (ii)  WebChemi Design leverages the power and flexibility of an enterprise-class content management system.  Michael Nolan
Technology Holding is a Research and Development company with a focus on Energy and Environmental Solutions.  Mukund Karanjikar
VariFAS Biorenewables provides our industry partners with specific biomass-derived saturated and ω-7/8 mono-unsaturated fatty acids of various chain lengths.  Fuyuan Jing
Sumatra Biorenewables is focused on developing new scalable technologies related to the manufacture of biobased chemicals.  Jack Carraher
WE Complement is an Engineering Services Consulting Group that helps clients achieve a technological edge through systematic process evaluation and innovative solutions.  Sampath Gunukula