Entrepreneurship Course

Students are encouraged to start their technology-led adventure through a graduate student course in technology-led entrepreneurship. CBiRC students based at partnering institutions, may sign up for for the entrepreneurship course as a “special topics” credit in their home departments.

This 15-week course (Spring Semester) is formulated around building an understanding of what it takes to develop a technology-led idea into an early-stage entrepreneurial business or project proposition. Each week students will add an element to their concept of a new project or business venture. Depending on the interests of the student and stage of development of the technology, we expect that some of these concepts will become actual startup opportunities:

  • Week 1  Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Week 2  Fish for an Epiphany from Research
  • Week 3  Found a New Entity and Company Structures
  • Week 4  Fund from Grants such as SBIR/STTR
  • Week 5  Form with Key Assets such as Research Park Incubators
  • Week 6  Finance with Key Partners (Large Entities, Angels or VCs)
  • Week 7  Find Customers, Proof of Concept and Stage-Gates
  • Week 8  Frame with the Critical Techno-Commercial Analysis
  • Week 9  Fence using Intellectual Property and University Support
  • Week 10  Farm your Assets, Inputs and Key Activities
  • Week 11  Formulate the Valuation and Business Proposition
  • Week 12  Fertilize with Business Development and Needs over Time
  • Week 13  Freelance with The Business Model Canvas and Business Proposal
  • Week 14  Finish Proposal with Presentations and Elevator Pitches (Students)
  • Week 15  Finale in the Dragons Den (Students)

During the course, students build upon their biorenewables concept, piecing together a slide presentation and business model canvas that projects the future of the concept in the style of a professional technology development proposal or venture capital proposal. The course culminates in a “dragons den” where students are in the spotlight, giving their presentations to faculty. This technology-led entrepreneurship course develops an understanding of: (i) discovery research and how technology relates to innovation and the potential for entrepreneurship, (ii) critical techno-commercial analysis, intellectual property and explores how to evaluate risk and reward, (iii) how to define key assets in the context of generating a business model canvas, (iv) working through the elements of a business proposition, utilizing local resources, and (v) the process of founding a company and securing early-stage funding.