Business Model Canvas

The BioBased Foundry uses the Business Model Canvas as its core working template.

The Business Model Canvas is an important tool developed initially by Osterwalder, Pigneur et al into a book entitled “Business Model Generation“. Note the following YouTube descriptions: “The Business Model Canvas Explained” and “The Top 10 Business Model Pitfalls“.

Reiteratively working through each section of the canvas by talking with experienced customers and partners enables a process for evolving and refining the original canvas into a more robust business idea.

The key sections of the Business Model Canvas include:

  1. Value Propositions: Identifying products and services that meet customer needs.
  2. Customer Segments: Identifying the company’s types of customer segments.
  3. Channels: Identifying effective channel partners to distribute the company’s value proposition.
  4. Customer Relationships: Identifying which customers the company is trying to serve.
  5. Revenue Streams: Identifying how the company makes income from each customer segment.
  6. Key Resources: Identifying resources needed to create value for the customer.
  7. Key Activities: Identifying activities to execute a company’s value proposition.
  8. Key Partners: Identifying ways to optimize operations and reduce risks such as buyer-supplier relationships .
  9. Cost Structure: Identifying the company’s most important monetary operations.